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Pennsylvania Winters & Ceramic Coatings

What is a ceramic coating? Ceramic coating is a silica-based liquid, which cures and forms a protective layer on your car’s exterior after application. As far as protective measures go, you can hardly do better than ceramic coatings. For instance, wax, while organic and affordable, isn’t durable. On the other hand, a sealant offers plenty of durabilities. However, the final effect isn’t as significant as what you’d get from a ceramic coating. With the harsh winter months starting soon, you’ll want a lasting protective layer, rather than one you must frequently redo, without compromising having your car look sleek and brand-new. How can a ceramic coating protect your car this winter?

Here are some of the protective benefits of a ceramic coating on cars during this winter:

Protection against the effects of road salt

Our PCSS Coating has been chemically tested to withstand the harshest of chemicals such as Magnesium Chloride, which is a very strong chemical used to pre-treat roads during the winter months.

  • Road salt has corrosive properties. Although it plays a huge role in keeping the highways in drivable conditions during the winter, it has a negative effect on cars. As it’s corrosive, it threatens your gas lines, exhaust system, clear coat, and car paint. Overlooking can be costly for you further down the line. A ceramic coating is durable enough to negate the impact of road salt. Protection of the paintwork Your car’s paint job probably costs a lot of money. Perhaps, you own a sporty-looking car with fancy decals on it. With driving visibility so poor in the winter, you’ll most likely be unable to avoid a few scratches. In the winter, bare metal corrodes faster. If you can’t fix scratches immediately, they become bigger problems in a few weeks or months. Again, a ceramic coating can help protect your car from scratches and preserve the original paint job. Additional cleaning properties A ceramic coating provides a hard surface impervious to the depreciating effects of debris and dirt. Whenever these paint-corrupting elements come in contact with a ceramic coating layer, they simply roll off the surface instead of getting affixed to tiny pockets of space on the bodywork. The extra protection afforded means that your car will remain clean for longer. Even if you eventually have to wash your car, it will take much less time and effort than it would have.

Get a ceramic car coating this winter! Protecting your car’s bodywork is essential, as driving in the winter comes with its own unique risks to your vehicle. That’s why you need a rock-hard ceramic coating, which offers solid, all-round protection. What’s more? Your car will look even more aesthetically pleasing! At Pristine Clean Ceramic Coatings, you can get your vehicle protected in as little as 1 day! Get a quote today and let's protect your vehicle from the harsh elements!

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