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SB3 ceramic coatings offer superior protection to your vehicle from acid rain, environmental fallout, light scratches, and more.

Our coating packages offer specialized coatings for:

  • Paint

  • Trim

  • Glass

  • Wheels

  • Paint Protection Film & Vinyl Wraps

  • Fabric Soft Tops, Plastics, Leather & More!


Durability Tested & Proven.

Look at how well this vehicle beads water 2 years AFTER we ceramic coated it!


SB3 Alpha Ceramic Coating is our 5 Year Coating that offers unrivaled gloss slickness, and hydrophobic paint protection.

Alpha is a great coating for daily drivers or someone looking for long term protection. It allows for nice ease of maintenance and great protection.

Alpha is also backed by our 3rd party warranty and is also covered by carfax.

Maintenance Made Easy.

Say goodbye to waxing! Our ceramic coatings will yield a high gloss finish for years to come. Simply hand wash the car for the highest level of gloss and glow, time and time again.

Our ceramic coating services introduce nano-technology that forms a polymer bond with your vehicles surfaces, creating an invisible shield of extreme hardness yielding incredible ease of cleaning and protection from harmful elements.

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