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Sponsored & Saving! 

Being an FR grad myself, I love to give back to the athletic programs that supported me and helped turn me into the individual I am today. 

With that being said, I'm proud to be a Sponsor for FR Girls Lacrosse this 2020 season! 

If you're a teammate or a parent of an FR Girls Lacrosse player you NOW have access to the following perks!

Save 15% OFF Any

  • Interior Detailing Package
  • Exterior Detailing Package
  • I/E Combined Packages

This offer is only valid throughout the 2020 season. I am a MOBILE Detailer who comes to you for customer convenience.  During the cold weather, interior or exterior jobs will require access to your indoor garage space for the use of my detailing equipment.


Interior Packages

Package Name

Savings $$$

$16.50 - $36

Exterior Packages

$15 - $24

$22.50 - $45

Combined Packages

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